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A Case of the Hues
original available

Gathering Courage

The Way We Met

Looking for a Listener

Always Losing His Head

Smoke on the Horizon

Ghost of the Old West

Product of a harsh Environment

Facing His Fear
The Holy Mountain

Vinyl Vulture
original available

Couldnt Be Closer
original available

A Playful Disposition
original available

Prime Of His Life

The Wise One
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Casting Sharp Looks

Going Out On A Limb
original available

Bedded Down

A Serious Disposition

Vinyl Wont Die
original available

Explorer of Color
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New Growth At Hand
original available

Push On Through / New Ghosts All the Time
each 5.5 x 6.25 inches on panel

Queen of the Kingdom (Erykah Badu)

Rejecting the Spectrum

Couldnt Handle the Pressure
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Pulled Apart
original available

Love Gets Messy
original available

Business in a Bear Market

The Real Estate Business

Talking Heads

Skin & Bones
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Cosmopolitan Meets Neapolitan

Sophisticated Stems

Absorbing the Hues

Sealing the Deal

A Colorful Past

Happy To Share

Our Final Moments Together
original available

Coming Out On Top
original available

Too Close For Comfort

Stuck Inna Pinch
original available

Just Dropping By

So Close Yet So Far Away

Blinded By Darkness

Regard for the Meek
original available

Fueled By Instinct
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Stand Together

New To Each other

Holding Our Gaze

Cant Stop Reproducing

Birds of a Feather

A Drifting Mind

To The Point

Red Eyes and Sticky Fingers
18 x 24 inches

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